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This small application can translate from English to 17 languages. Web API It was built with react material UI using library called semantic. GO TO TRANSLATE !


Fundación Punta de Flecha

This is a project for a business in Morelia Michoacán, dedicated to offering activities that promote culture and values, for this I used HTML, CSS grid to stylize the galleries, bootstrap for responsive design, JS libraries to increase dynamic functionalities, PHP and jquery libraries.


Budget App

I have created an app with react using the bootstrap, uuid and react icons libraries that can be very useful, it serves to create a list of expenses. The user can edit the total budget and the remaining amount and the accumulated amount will automatically appear. For this, the same user adds the name and the amount of the expense to the interface and is added to the list, the user can eliminate the expense from the list if they so decide. When a new expense is added to the list, the tables of the remaining balance and the accumulated amount are automatically updated.


Corona Virus Tracker

Full COVID-19 Tracker. I use React, Charts.JS and Material UI. Full responsive. API used:



This is a small e-commerce made with react especially using gatsby, it is integrated with stripe for the payment methods, within the page you can add the products to a shopping cart, use styled components for the visual part, graphql is used for the queries use of hooks like useEstate, useContext, useEffect, I also supported some gatsby plugins for font, seo and stripe integration.

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